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Are big-brand chiefs shirking duties over Rana Plaza?

On the first anniversary of the Bangladesh factory disaster, UK activists launch global day of action as compensation fund fails to meet £24m target

Campaigners for rights of overseas workers have held a demonstration on Oxford Street this afternoon to mark the first anniversary of the collapse of eight-storey Rana Plaza factory in Dhaka last year, which killed 11,380 people. More than 2,500 people were pulled alive from...

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Authenticity: why you should let colleagues see the REAL you


We spend so much of our time at work wearing masks – but keeping up an act can be tiring and stressful. Andrew Morris of the Academy for Chief Executives provides some tips for freeing your true self in the quest for peak performance

Why political leaders should not take ethnic votes for granted


As the prime minister wins support across a range of faith groups for asserting UK Christianity, research on political allegiances shows that Labour cannot bank on support from minority groups

FPB: late payment remains big concern for SME bosses


A burgeoning recovery in the UK economy has not put a halt to the culture of late payment, raising serious concerns for many small businesses

Why Manchester United had to let Moyes go


In the wake of seemingly endless speculation, the axe fell for the troubled manager at the club's training ground this morning, with its most decorated player parachuted in to slog out the rest of the season. We look at what led to his downfall

Poundland founder uses crowdfunding for new estate agency


Entrepreneur capitalises on people power to gather cash for his “hybrid” estate agency – but couldn’t he have afforded it anyway?

Are expenses headlines making plans for Nigel?


Reports of financial irregularities at UKIP have the potential to halt the party’s previously unstoppable bandwagon

Bank of Dave tycoon aims to snap up Burnley RBS branch


TV finance whizz and minibus boss wants to keep staff on and use outlet to further his ethical banking drive

Why UK SMEs must reform sickness and absence rules


DWP move to cancel scheme that enabled companies to claim back statutory sick pay has major negative implications for bosses of smaller firms, says Yorkshire law firm



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