How to manage the energies of Innocent people

Friday, 16 September 2011

“Our people will half-kill themselves doing a top-notch job,” says Innocent Drinks co-founder Richard Reed. So how does he ensure that his staff don’t burn themselves out? Read on…

Richard Reed

“Trying to ensure that an informal, friendly, socially aware business is also a commercially successful one is not as difficult as you might imagine. in fact, I’d argue that it’s easier than in a staid business. The great thing about Innocent is that the team is so engaged with our healthy product, the values and the mission we are on, that we all naturally give more than a little bit extra, which is a key part of what has made us successful.

“Our engagement levels are higher than they have been for five years. And this engagement has caused the business to flourish. Everyone’s set on improving their bit of Innocent – quality rises, innovation increases, accounts are won. Ideas come from all parts of the company rather than being restricted to a few, leading to a surge of commercial creativity.

“If anything, we have such high levels of engagement that we need to make sure people aren’t taking on too much. Our best people will half-kill themselves in doing a top-notch job, so it’s important they manage their energy levels, too, and don’t burn out. As a board, we try to set the standard by continually refocusing the business on a small set of clear priorities every month, and actively managing workload hotspots around the company.

“Ultimately, our team is engaged because they get to do what they’re best at; like the people they work with; and personally connect with Innocent’s purpose. One should never underestimate a group of people who believe in what they’re doing.”


To find out more about how Innocent Drinks take care of its staff, read our interview with the company’s people director Karen Callaghan here

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  1. Saleem Raza Bhatti says:

    I agree with the article that well aware and,
    ethical awareness environment is best for,
    better business results.

    Saleem Raza Bahtti.ACMI.

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